Get as far as you can and top the leader board in this infinite Tower Defense game.

LATEST UPDATE: 07/26/2019 - Major Update 0.3

NOTE:  Some features have been disabled on the browser version to keep performance high. If you experience any performance issues or want to try the full-fat experience please download the desktop builds below.

  • UPGRADE TOWERS by clicking them and selecting upgrade at the bottom
  • SET TOWER TARGETING by selecting targeting mode at the bottom after clicking tower
  • START ROUND EARLY TO GET A GOLD BONUS by hitting the start button at the bottom right (SPACE hotkey) - the bonus amount is shown on the start button
  • MOUSE WHEEL TO ZOOM camera in / out
  • WASD TO MOVE CAMERA while zoomed or any mouse click + drag
  • 1, 2, 3 TO BUILD TOWERS of selected kind
  • ESC TO PAUSE  & view leader board

A real-time strategy game loosely based on some of my favorite Warcraft 3 custom tower defence maps. Currently working on the core game mechanics and interface before fleshing out tower and enemy types. Art is not anywhere close to final. Feedback on balance (how far you get, when did you start getting bored) and interface would be particularly useful at this moment but feel free to comment on anything.

Check back frequently for updates- I am constantly updating the game.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks for playing!


Join the Discord community server to speak with me directly, give feedback, share your progress and strategies, or just hang out and chat!

You can reach out to me on Twitter too if you prefer that. I don't post much but I check it regularly!


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these are my thoughts on "Version 0.3.0"

nice small game, with some more polish, and much more numbers tweaking, it can be a rather fun tower defense game, it was enjoyable, and playable, for such an early build, i must say, the dev has worked hard, and looking forward for the future of the game.

i only managed to get to round 8, i hope in the future, the game can be more balanced, with more chances, for someone who messes up a bit, and obviously, i hope for more levels too :)