Title Update 0.1.5 - Polish Pass

Blitt TD 0.1.5 Patch Notes


  • show version number in game
  • show player overall ranking when submitting score
  • transfer kills of old tower to upgraded tower
  • change tower ghost color if player can afford it
  • change ghost affordable tint to green
  • change menu icon to pause icon
  • resume button added to pause screen
  • pause screen layout redesign
    allow player to hide game over screen to show final game board
  • show gold gain UI graphic when tower sold
  • submitting a score now sends game session statistics to drive future balance changes
  • upgrade button disabled when player can't afford
  • base bonus vs early start bonus differentiated on GO button


  • optimized camera calculations
  • ice tower only pivots top light
  • ghost color tint now applied properly
  • fix life shake UI offset bug
  • make tower behaviour buttons (FIRST, LAST, ect) do nothing instead of sell tower
  • make player start with 20 gold instead of starting with 10, adding 10 on round start
  • submitting score php backend optimized


  • new database system for leader boards to better work with itch 
  • optimized camera calculations
  • fix bug with tower selection menu when upgrading
  • change game over high score layout

Because of the new leaderboard system, scores placed before  1/7/2019 have had to be erased.


itch-build-0-1-5-0.zip 36 MB
Jan 07, 2019
itch-build-0-1-5-07.zip 36 MB
Jan 08, 2019
itch-build-0-1-5-08.zip 36 MB
Jan 08, 2019
itch-build-0-1-5-1.zip 36 MB
Jan 08, 2019
itch-build-0-1-5-2.zip 36 MB
Jan 08, 2019
itch-build-0-1-5-2-1.zip 36 MB
Jan 08, 2019
itch-build-0-1-5-2-2.zip 36 MB
Jan 08, 2019

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my scores oh no 

Sorry about that :)

There will have to be more wipes coming up soon as I start working on towers / adjusting balance in the near future. Hopefully you guys will have fun playing with the different towers though